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This side of Call Me Ish is run by me in person, separate to this online store. It's a wonderfully fun & easy process (email, texts and photo based).

What sets my pieces apart is the level of detail & personalisation that goes into it. I get so much fun out of it & seeing my clients faces at the unveil of their painting, is probably one of my most favorite feelings in the whole world!

If you want to know more about our custom family portraits or want to book your own original art piece, drop me an email at the address mentioned below.

Custom family portraits- Gift yourself or your loved ones a meaningful treasure to enjoy for a lifetime & pass down to the next generation.

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Custom Family Portraits


Here are a couple of testimonials of past clients experiences and their reactions upon receiving their art piece:


Dear Megan,
yesterday your painting for us arrived. And I must say, that the result is terrific. I was of course not able to show it to Conny, my wife yet, as it is a birthday present, but I was able to show it to my two daughters already, and both of them love it. 
It must be very difficult to generate a painting just from pictures and email exchange, and without having had the chance to see your objects in real life, but you have clearly done an outstanding  job. Greta especially loves, how her stuffed ape has been drafted and the cool dress you made her wear. Anna loves her hockey bat and her favorite doll the most. All of us three think, that both Conny and myself are very well painted.
I will let you know, once Conny has seen it, and the painting has been framed, and hangs at its final destination, which is in a prominent position above the piano in our living room.
For the moment I just would like to express my sincere thank you very much for the painting itself, but also for the very smooth and professional process during the last 2-3 months. I can and will definitely recommend you further.
Have a great start into the week. - TR, Germany
Can’t stop staring at it! You nailed it!!!! Thank You ♥️
Oh my goodness he LOVES IT! so does the world I’ve shared it with & your details !!! Your ears must be burning!
Shared with some of my nearest & dearest last week already as I just couldn’t contain myself 😆 Will keep punting it.  They just have to be pointed towards you, then your work speaks for itself! Thank you for bringing joy to our day, which would have otherwise been very gloomy.  Stay safe  - TD, Cape Town  
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