About Call Me Ishmael



I've always drawn, for as long as I can remember. I painted under the name Green Star in my teenage years & then Spilt Milk in my early adulthood. At the behest that I paint directly onto furniture -a "subtle suggestion" from my clever Ma- slowly a brand identity and product range gradually gave birth to CALL ME ISHMAELEventually, I realised that the fun didn't need to be solely restricted to furniture or pieces hung on walls, but could adorn fabrics and other materials.
I quit my day job in 2015 & launched CALL ME ISHMAEL (named after one of my favourite literary characters) in December later that year. I winged most of the early stages & cursed myself for having chosen to study animation over product or graphic design. What I know now, I've learnt on the job, graduating from small markets to the more popular ones & now stocking retail stores. I'm forever grateful for daring to take the plunge & design my dream job.
Call Me Ish came about, with a few core pillars, to bring FUN, high quality, eco-friendly & ethical design to every day products. I believe in quality over quantity so these products are made to last & be used over & over again. Not one to blindly follow trends, my designs are about things that bring joy, colour & warmth to kids & adults alike. I spend hours pouring over ways to make each type of product super functional & practical.
Everything is made by hand, in small batches & cleverly created for conscious consumerism that treads lightly on Mother Earth.
I love supporting the little guy, the artisanal talents of the world & know how important shopping small, shopping ethical & shopping slow is. So THANK YOU for being here! Enjoy browsing around & don't hesitate to get in touch for custom orders or questions!


Love from Cape Town - Megs


Call Me Ishmael