NEW STUFF: meet the new kids on the block

Grab a seat & get better acquainted with the new cool kids.

Bossy, like a BOSS got a fresh lick of paint & 22 new inspiring rebels. You can now grab it across 2 designs of placemats grouped as Artists, Athletes & ActivistsScientists, Warriors & Rebels. The 2nd Edition Bossy art print is also available in an A2 now too! Woop Woop!

The placemat family made the circle bigger. Welcome to the Salty Sea placemat and the Animal Alphabet placemats: some super cute meal-time additions.

The Tjommies range got a bunch of extra members, in the form of dream team duos Sam & Frodo & legendary rock icons Anthony & Flea. You can grab these in 25x25cm art prints & coasters. (Psst, these dream teams are on the cutting table becoming Tote Bags as we speak- sign up to the mailer to get 1st dibs on these new gems).

And lastly we just launched our new Sticker Packs! These suckers are super high quality & durable enough you can stick 'em on your car! (So Moms, this ones for you- top-shelf stickers means none of that peeling ugly sticker carnage that drives us bonkers).