Flash Card Sets


Discovering how to read is the coolest thing in the world- it opens up a never ending treasure trove of worlds to explore!

This new addition to the family has taken a HUGE space in my heart - if, like me, reading is one of your most treasured things in life & you've got some little ankle-biters in the house, these were made with YOU in mind.

26 cards per set. 1 card per letter, with an hand-drawn illustration & the letter in question in capital & lower case, to help your budding book worm open up & master the incredible magical world of reading. 

These flash cards are bright, thick, easy to handle for little hands, protected & easy to clean. They will also come in their own box to keep your set together, easy to pack away or bring with on adventures.

This new product has just launched & will be available in more ranges, currently it's available in the Animal Alphabet range only. So here's some fury, fuzzy and feathered friends to help make that fun filled.With animals from across the globe and from all animal kingdoms, this collection will broaden their minds and awaken their curiosity too. The Animal Alphabet range is also available in Art Prints, in Solo Letter form or the Whole Gang with 52 animals on it. Check out Animal Alphabet or Art Prints to see more.