Art Prints — Illustrations Brought to Life in Cape Town

These art prints are the result of my love affair with drawing from an early age.

I've always drawn, for as long as I can remember. I painted under the name Green Star in my teenage years & then Spilt Milk in my early adulthood. At the behest that I paint directly onto furniture -a "subtle suggestion" from my clever Ma- slowly a brand identity and product range gradually gave birth to Call Me Ishmael

These Illustrations are the drawing board for all other products in the brand. These are  my whole raison d'être. Eventually, I realised that the fun didn't need to be solely restricted to art prints hung on walls but could adorn fabrics and other materials. Like for the Greeting Cards range, Illustration is the core component of the Call Me Ish brand. Plain & simple picture on paper. 

As I teach myself the "new" art of digital art & all its magical abilities, I hope to always be busy improving my skill & adding to the collection, without ever loosing touch with traditional Illustration, my very First Love.


Imagined, created & printed in Cape Town, these illustrations are the fruits of hours and decades of perfecting my craft. 

Frames are not included as glass shipping is risky business to say the least, but you can find them framed in store.